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Virginia underground rapper, Suav Rico is staying consistent in bringing to you alot of new hot summer releases, from 1 hard track to another. Boombap influencer hard lyrics over smooth beats is worth the listen and a guarantee to vibe to. He is now planning the release of his new exclusive single and music video, Bump and Grind produced by ENGineer who has great production credibility on the hip hop scene. This track is for the laid back and chill, full of lyrical entertainment and vibe within the the smoove guitar and vocal sample beat canvas provided by ENGineer. A similarity to the likes of Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs and the whole boombap moving thats vastly moving ahead, Suav Rico is definitely a fitting piece in hip hop with this new release be sure to check it out on all streaming platforms real soon


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Cool video I like the vibe

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I looked him up! hes good!

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