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City of Birth/Current City: CANTON OHIO CANTON OHIO

How long have you been into music, and what was your attraction? Over 10 years, my ex-boyfriend and friends were making hip hop music and always poked me to join in. After me and my boyfriend split I wrote and recorded my first verse because he told me I never would..ha ha

What other talents do you have? Event planning; Coordinated over 50

Social and corporate events

Tell us about some recent events/projects.

Been rockin stages this year. Rep your city tour, etc. I Performed 3x in 2023 and plan on performing at least 3 more times this year.


Hot Yoga—

What do you like most about music and creating it?

It's an emotional outlet for me.. I love performing and shocking people.

What is your short-term music goal? Release more solo music by the end of summer.

What is your long-term music goal? Release a solo album and win a grammy!

Who or what has been your biggest influence when creating music? 2pac, Missy Elliot, Master P, Mia X, UGK, Scarface, Nas all

My favorites. Also, Skandalus ENT and all my emcee friends with elite pens

What type of adversity have you had to overcome while pursuing your dreams? I think we are taught at a young age don't dream too big. Be uniform and fit into the status quo. Especially working for corporate America by the time you get off work your burn out, you tend to forget about your dreams. So just conquering that mindset every day.

Thus far what is a standout moment of your career? Hot yoga, a crazy new sound from me, made a sexy song about yoga poses using yoga bars.

How do you stand out among other artists? My heart; my spirit. BARS!

Tell us a fact about you. Lost 90 pounds

With our Motto being "Greatness Is A Decision " how do you feel making great decisions has sculpted your life? Choosing discipline over motivation. Making the decision every day to beat yesterday’s version of me.. is indeed the great decision that sculpted and continues to sculpt my life.. !!



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