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Name: Mr. Wrong (Ken Beans)

City of Birth/Current City: Canton, OH

How long have you been into music, and what was your attraction? - I got into music specifically HipHop, after discovering my Moms Beastie Boys record and hearing Paul Revere at the age of 6. It was different from anything else I had heard at that age and I instantly fell in love with the culture. I started buying singles when I was in my early teens just for the instrumental, not knowing that freestyling (badly lol) over these beats was just the beginning of the journey.

What other talents do you have?

Comic book artist and graphic designer

Tell us about some recent events/projects

We released our first Skandal-Us Ent. album “Immortalized” through Distrokid at the beginning of the year, and have been rolling out singles for my next solo project “the Bar Code” & a joint project with WIcKID 1 titled “2 Headed Monster”. At the time of this writing, we have a headline show at the Oregon Pub on August 26th and the Vortex on November 3rd along with a stop in the “Can’t Feel the Love” tour with Trapboi Manikin this weekend.

What do you like most about music and creating it?

The playback, its fulfilling on a personal level to be able to create something from nothing. That and the money it saves me on counseling/psychiatrists. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting and working with a lot of talented artists.

What is your short-term music goal?

To break out of the local market

What is your long-term music goal?

To be able to make a living managing my studio and making music

Who or what has been your biggest influence when creating music?

I try not to let anybody or anything aside from life influence what I do. I make the music I like that I would want to hear, never chased a trend.

What type of adversity have you had to overcome while pursuing your dreams? - Not having the finances needed to invest in our movement until recently. The biggest adversity I’ve had to overcome is the anxiety that comes with being an artist. Knowing you're putting something out for the world to hear without knowing how anybody will react, or how many people will be at a show can be nerve-racking.

Thus far what is a standout moment of your career?

Originally it was getting away from mixtape beats and producing all of mine and most of Skandal-Us Ent’s beats. Now my biggest achievement musically is being able to distribute our music on a global level as a label.

How do you stand out among other artists?

I don’t sound like anybody else when you hear my voice/bars you know its Mr. Wrong

Tell us a fact about you.

I’m my own worst critic. If I recorded 10 songs, I probably deleted 3 before anyone else heard them. I always want to do better & I hold myself to certain standard. Once the bar is raised, I won’t settle for less.

With our Motto being "Greatness Is A Decision " how do you feel making great decisions has sculpted your life?

Every decision both good and bad led me to this point. I believe hard work pays off and you get what you put in. I made the Decision not to give up on Greatness.


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