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Music Without Passion Is Just Noise

Music Without Passion Is Just Noise

By Dez Tha Reason

This is a thought I had today while sitting here watching the office and preparing my campaign for the next year. We hear a lot of music every month on the radio, on TV, and in the clubs. When Hearing this music I find that music is made so disposable this day in age, Nothing I hear leaves a lasting residue in my brain.

I fear that the younger generation will never have music that touches their souls, that they will never have those moments years from now when a passionate song sparks their fire. Everybody sounds the same, and every song is filled with desires of money, sex, violence , and greed. Instead of making great original music we hear the same story told over again. Its not music anymore it is simply background noise.

Where there is no message and no passion its just noise. When Your sitting in a large crowd of people and everybody is talking about the same thing at the same time you cant make out any words all you hear is a continuous noise in the moment. That’s what top 40 and most of the new music is to me just noise in a room full of people.

There are some great artists out there that belong on the radio for the world to hear. But today’s concept of what “Radio Music” is reflects the dying culture of society and music as whole. Support The independent artists who speak from pain and hope because music without passion is just noise.



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I was sold when I read the blog tittle


I miss the Micheal jackson days!


Music just isnt the same anymore. I hope we have some new aritsts come out who dont mind bringing back soul.

Replying to

I am with you there

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