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Hip Hop can be a revolving door, with artists that come and go before you get a chance to remember their name. With an abundance of new artists coming out each year it becomes harder for an artist to stand out, let alone last. What does it take to last as an artist? Only the chosen few can answer such a question, Cormega is one of those chosen few. Cormega has always been a step ahead of the game; he seen the value in being an independent artist years ago, before other artists were willing to take the risk. With this risk he found reward,The Source Magazine awarded him with the Independent Artist of the year award in 2003 for his release The True Meaning.

This album was groundbreaking; It was released on his own label, Legal Hustle. Fast forward to 2020; he can be heard on the new Nas Album Kings Disease on a track called “Full Circle”. This song is a collaboration alongside Nas, Cormega , Foxy Brown, and AZ. It’s reminiscent of the original firm collaboration; “Affirmative Action”, that can be heard on the 1996 Nas release It Was Written. Cormega was recently a guest on the number 1 Pod Cast Drink Champs, which is hosted by Hip Hop artist N.O.R.E and DJ EFN. Cormega is a pure talent, a bright mind and an inspiration to those who listen.

B.o.s.s. Code Interview With Cormega

Cormega! It’s such a pleasure to interview you in B.o.s.s Code Magazine again. It’s a blessing to be able to collaborate with such a mind like yourself. How are you feeling today?

I’m feeling blessed to be here so I can’t complain.

First thing is first; the people want to know if you are working on any new music! So are you?

I’m definitely working on new music and I’m excited about it.

Speaking of your music; I must say one of my favorite songs of all time is “A Beautiful Mind”. As a listener I can truly hear your spirit, and passion on this track. Lines like” I wish for nothing except that my mother was with me” just really touches my soul. What was the inspiration behind this track?

A Beautiful Mind was a teach that I wanted to zone out to in order to showcase my lyrical skill. The title felt right.

During our last interview you had just released a book Understanding the True Meaning. How has the feedback from your book been over the last couple of years? Do you see yourself writing another book?

The feedback Has exceeded all expectations and I definitely have other books planned. It was a great experience to do that book and I look forward to more.

In this issue of our magazine we are asking our readers what their take on 2020 is. As a world we are dealing with a lot right now; with the virus, continued racial divisions, economic loss, and a lot of mental suffering. You have always seemed to be a very intellectual individual; so we would love to hear your perspective on these challenges. What does 2020 look like to you?

2020 started out powerfully sad and has had some trying moments but there’s a lesson in everything. I’ve learned to appreciate simplicity more and things that mean the most have to be valued as such. A lot of time to think reflect and restructure so I will take the bitter with the sweet and pray for those who are going through it.

As a world we have been dealing with social distancing, quarantine, and what the media likes to call “The New Norm”. Because of this many dreams have been put on hold. How have you managed to keep pushing forward with your endeavors through all of this?

My fans are amazing so they have been my everything during these times. I have declined over 20 features because of no studio access and as I direct affect of that it made me realize I shouldn’t be doing features anyway because I need the rhymes for my album. My 4 Fs sustain me faith, family, friends, and fans. All my endeavors are at the mercy of my fans and I have been blessed as I said earlier.

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to accomplish goals during these trying times?

Struggle builds character. Struggle and suffering are not the same don’t give up on yourself because of struggle just keep pushing.

With all of the division going on in the world with race, politics and difference of opinions concerning Covid 19 what do you think we need as a country right now? Or better yet,what do we need as a world?

We need love we need to hit the refresh button on how the people are governed and we need to unlearn a lot of the colonial programming that has deprived us of identity culture etc and learn to appreciate each other.

How do you think an artist or entrepreneur could use our current events to fuel a successful project or idea?- necessity always has a market

B.o.s.s Code Stands for Business Over Social Stress; Our goal is to aid people along the way to stay the course, and stay focused on the things that matter in life. Over time how have you managed to deal with the pressures of life while keeping your art at the forefront?

I realized life doesn’t owe me anything I owe it to myself to give myself the life I want. I also let go of things that pulled me down even if I loved those things. Experience is a blank canvas so I write off experience.

What can we expect next from Cormega?

Big surprise coming soon but also other things

Any other words for the people? Peace love and vote independent



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I am glad to see he is still pushing forward with his talent


Great interview!


The True meaning is one of my favorite albums of all time.

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