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Transform Your Life


Success happens when we take our lives into our own hands and mold it into the image we see in our minds.


We all have desires and we all have dreams. The leaders and creators of this world are those who refused to put out their burning desire. Inside every visionary is a flame, a flame that burns with conviction to excel to new heights and rise to the pinnacle of your being and industry. We all Dream but not all of us allow this desire to truly transform who we are.


An idea starts in the mind and the passion of this idea is created in the heart. To be successful in any one thing you must have your heart involved. When I say have your heart involved I’m not talking about being emotional. I simply mean you must have the fighting spirit to build, conquer and even destroy the things that are holding you back or no longer working.


The surface level of transformation can be the most challenging. It’s easy to talk about dreams and goals as well as feel them deep in your heart. But to bring your ideas to the surface can make or break a dreamer. When you become serious about a craft, skill or profession it requires you to make sacrifices. These sacrifices will cost you friends, breed misunderstanding and often require you to develop new habits and pleasures. When you are seen studying your field daily, organizing plans, talking and acting in a professional manner you will have those who question your every move and send doubts in your direction.


Allowing your dream to become your life can often make those around you uncomfortable with their own lives. Humans who struggle with tapping into their own motivation often become uncomfortable around those who do. So it is important to put yourself around like minded people. If you are sensitive to social stress, doubts and being a part of the crowd it will be more difficult for you to transform your dream into a reality.


When a artist books their first show, a model books their first shoot or a business owner opens their first door suddenly all the dreams and talk become public for all to see. You have to own this moment and be 100% comfortable with the new character that you present to the public. This is why it is important to have your heart in everything that you do. You have to poke your chest out and say “This is me and I am here”.


Trust the passion that you feel inside as well as the plans that you develop in your head. Nothing will happen overnight, every successful person became that way through trial and error. Knowing who they were, developing the character and making the transformation is how the great people in society are able to endure trial and error until they find success. Never give up on your dreams and remember it does not matter who believes in you, success comes to those who believe in themselves. If you believe in God also believe in yourself.

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