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2.FOCUS- Is The primary factor between winning in this society and losing.  My friends we must strive to focus in

this world at all cost. We live in a world where we are bombarded by Celebrity gossip, endless amounts of entertainment, changing technology, Temptation of sexual desires, he say she say , pressure to conform to the latest fades and trends, not to mention the battle of staying sane in a crazy world. We must fight these urges to over indulge while keeping our vision as the priority. If you can find focus while everybody else is occupied it will ALWAYS put you in a position to win. Sacrifice the daily pleasures of the average person in order to fly higher than the average person. One year of focus has the power to transform your life into anything you desire. Focus also requires a great deal of faith where spiritual enlightenment is very helpful

1.VISION- Society will tell you to DREAM but at B.o.s.s. Code we tell you to VISION.  Any man or woman can dream and wish to turn all of their human desires into reality. This can often lead to living and thinking in a fantasy land. Where you may find yourself doing little work and much dreaming. To vision is to research your dreams, write down your dreams, practice your dreams and fully prepare yourself as if these things are SUPPOSED to come to life. If you want to work in a particular field research any and everything about that field so that you not only build momentum in your heart to bring your vision to life, but you are fully prepared to conquer it when you get there. We must remember that any man or woman can dream, but vision requires an action attitude along with the will to fight.




3.ACCEPTANCE – Winning in life can often come with some very lonely times.  It is more likely that a group of friends will pull you out of your focus then it is you will pull them into focus. There are always people trying to get us to party, drink, smoke, chase sexual desires or just any scenario that would lead to us wasting time for quick pleasures. This is when you must practice focus to stay in the direction of your vision. This acceptance and sacrifice will always pay off and create great momentum for your goals. Also you must accept that we live in a great world of misunderstanding. If you’re not willing to do what the crowd is doing they may call you names, give you a hard time, or even cast doubt on your dreams in order to get you to run with the crowd. Remember misery always wants company but a person in tune with their vision needs nothing but the next move. Accept that when you chose to walk into your vision that you are special and will be misunderstood.


4.BUILD- You have to remember that your life is a foundation that has to be built upon.  Everything you bring into your life builds your foundation, so build wisely. Once you have figured out what you want to do with your life you need to build it accordingly. Build relationships with like minded people who exist in the same realm or network as you. Building relationships with like minded people will always help you down the road when you need answers or possible help opening new doors. Build a financial structure that can aid you in building your vision and keep you a float until your real goals start paying off. Even if your vision is to simply be a great father/mother you need to be constantly shaping your life and preparing to one day have a family. Build great health, financial stability, a strong mind  and everything else you need to stabilize and remain marketable in all aspects of your life.


5.DESTROY-Every wise man/woman must learn to destroy. You must always analyze your life as well as yourself to figure out just who you are and what is going on around you. Never stop looking around you because there is always room for improvement in some way shape or form. Are there certain relationships that have become cancerous to your mind, business or well being? Does the job you go to everyday leave you holding on to a life of bitterness and unhappiness? Maybe there are some better ways you could be treating some people in your life or moves you can alter to avoid making the same mistakes. Destroy all the things that lead to slow destruction of the mind, body or soul. In order to succeed your thoughts must be healthy and your vibe must be healthy. We must seek and destroy anything from our lives that put our thoughts in negative or uneasy space

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