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BOSS CODE MEDIA :The Independent Film "Tunnel Vision"

In the spirit of independence and creative expression, we embrace creative efforts from all over the world. This is one that really grabbed our attention. We met up with Film Director Abdul El-amin and talked to him about his latest film "Tunnel Vision". Tunnel Vision takes you into the life of a character who is torn between his street life and his home life. The Main Character is challenged with having tunnel vision on his hustle while the woman that loves him pleads with him to leave his hustle behind. Along the way, he faces many challenges as he travels to make a way for himself.


Name: Abdul El-amin

Company Name: JUNE VISION

What inspired the movie Tunnel Vision?

It was certain things I was going through in life and I just need to get it out.

How long did it take you to complete the film?

Approximately 2 years

Was it difficult to find actors?

Sort of but it was really fun putting it together.

What is the message that you wanted viewers to get from the film?

The message would be to always be yourself, whatever you are going through or involved in stay focused on your goal, and appreciate the good people around you.

What is the funniest thing that happened on set?

When I was filming the club scene I had to set the camera up at an angle where I was looking up at the actress, so I told everybody "hold on one second I got to find a ladder to get on the roof". They said what for? I said I got to put the camera up there cuz this is the scene where I'm looking up at her tall a$% and everybody fell out laughing.

What were some setbacks along the way?

Just the traveling part, because I traveled to each location myself.

We love that you were in your own movie. Do you have an acting background?

Actually, I did a movie in high school and I really enjoyed it so I thought I would give it another try

What is your short-term goal in the film industry?

To exist among all the great content makers out there.

What is your long-term goal in the industry?

To exist to the whole world when it's all said and done make Abdul El-amin and June Vision both household names



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