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BOSS CODE MEDIA:Frederick Williams Horror Author

“As long as horror exists, I exist and no one gets away.” This is the common theme that echoes throughout all of Frederick Williams’ tales of horror, science fiction, fantasy, justice, and judgment. It is clear that Frederick Williams is not of this world. For over 20 years Frederick served as a student learning the laws and principles of creation, nature, the universe and mathematical thinking and all of his stories are rooted in that knowledge.

What makes Frederick Williams’ Horror Stories unique is that he applies laws and principles of knowledge in his horror stories. His stories are written to make the reader think of horror mathematically. Horror is to have purpose, intelligence, justice, and karma. The common premise of horror, present and past, is based on emotions. Frederick removes the emotions and replaces them with natural fear. That alone takes the fright level into uncharted territory. Horror is simple, direct, yet naturally poetic. This is what is missing in this genre. We have seen the same vicious cycle of the same stories told differently. It is clear that Frederick is carving a lane of his own.

Frederick Williams was born in South Carolina, raised in Capitol Heights, Maryland, and lived in Kansas City with his four children and former wife. He also lived in New Jersey for a couple of years and now lives in Arkansas with his current wife Cherleena and son Elijah. Frederick’s current plans are to have a writing consulting business teaching how to tap into your individual creative imagination in a natural and mathematical way.

Growing up in the 70’s during the apex or arguably the greatest decade/era of horror, it was then that Frederick’s love for horror and science fiction began. That era changed his spiritual and mental life as a future author. From that experience grew the want and will to help others change spiritually and mentally through his writing. To express to the reader mathematical and knowledgeable horror stories to give natural shock is his purpose and his stories are designed and written to do just that. Horror tells the greatest and absolute truth about fear and reality. Horror tells more truth than the bible. Life is a horror story and he knows how to bring his stories to life!

Justice & Judgment Tales Horror Tales

The riveting modern horror anthology, unsettling yet unputdownable. Stylistic horror, full of shocks and surprises. Frederick Williams has mastered the art of sardonic writing and palpable storytelling with stories such as No One Gets Away, Master A Being, The Last Nation, Masters of Self Saviors, The Last Day For All, and many more. A diverse collection of literary thought-provoking and disturbing short stories. The author begins his stories with “fairly mundane” details and when you’re least expecting it, hits you with a hammer right on the head. Stories that will scare and take your soul.

Two Sentence Horror Stories

Unbelievable, terrific, pure horror blood bathing and cold bodies are a few of many words you will be driving into from Frederick Williams’ Two Sentence Horror Stories. It’s a tale of forty different Two Sentence horror stories that are more than enough to keep you scared awake at night. These tales will start gripping your soul one by one as you keep reading. And before it ends these Two Sentence horror stories take your soul and never let go. The moment you slip in through this Author’s horror world, it does the job to create something you will never forget.

Tales From The Rapers

“Petrifying and chilling. A masterpiece.” Tales From The Rapers explores and details the theme of abuse, racism, crime, and dystopia in a pure horror setting. The Author’s modern and unembellished prose trails the reader through an eerie sinister world of insanity. Increasingly shocking and gut wrenching gothic, absurd storytelling and short story writing at its finest. Frederick Williams introduces the reader to new level heights of pure horror and leaves them jolting long after the last leaf with stories such as With These Hands, The Final Law, All Of Me, Don’t Save me, and many more to scare you to death.

Frederick Williams’ B.o.s.s.Code Magazine Interview

Tell us a little about yourself

Well, I’m from Arkansas. I’m working to be the Black Stephen King. The next H.P. Lovecraft, Wes Craven, and Jordan Peele. When I’m not writing or drawing, I am working my business, The Best Touch Cleaning Services, and my wife has an Etsy shop, Leena Stone Creations, where screen t-shirts with my original quotes will be available shortly. You should check it out and thank you in advance.

Being a horror author, you must have a passion for horror movies. When did you develop a passion for the horror industry?

It started as a young child. I nearly scared myself to death watching the 70’s horror, science fiction, and fantasy films without knowing what I was watching. All I know is that it scared the crap out of me and I loved it! That experience led me to this day. Now my purpose is to have everyone have that same scary frightful experience with my stories. As a child growing up I challenged myself to scare the hell out of people. That fed my love for horror until I began to write.

When and how did you become a writer?

Also, did your writing start somewhere else, or was it always inspired by the Horror Industry? Both. It started when I was about 13 years old. I learned that horror is the best teacher and tells more truth than the bible. After horror, it was comic books. Comic books gave me the science fiction and fantasy experience with a balance. That sparked the creative imagination that I didn’t know that I had and it opened the door to endless ideas. Horror and comic books became my Yin and Yang and my Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

When did you decide that you were going to start writing books?

That was when I was in high school. I was being told so much about my insane, unbelievable, creative imagination and was encouraged to become a comic book or a horror writer. I took their advice and now the rest is history.

What is your inspiration when writing a new thought-provoking story? Everyday life, nature, creation, and the universe. They speak all of the time. You just have to listen. They send a thought or an idea every day. Imagination is just knowledge not yet seen or experienced yet.

I find it very intriguing that your goal is to get your readers to read on a mathematical level. Can you give us an example of this?

I was taught mathematical thinking growing up. Mathematical thinkings are the laws and principles of creation and nature applied to and for self-mastery. When you apply law and math to life it produces aim, direction, and purpose. You express yourself with facts and what already exists. Now apply that to horror. No one gets away from what one’s hands have done. That's real horror! Your actions and your guilt become the monsters, aliens, and creatures that you can’t kill or run away from. That's the purpose of my horror stories. That's how I scare the hell out of you.

What type of thought and planning went into writing your first book?

Being patient and planning well in advance. Having the purpose in motion and the drive for completion and accomplishment.

What type of tips can you give any new authors who are wanting to dive into the world of horror?

Horror, comic books, and video games rule the world now. And the world is looking for and wanting new ideas. You have them and don’t be afraid to show, share, and express them. You have rewards, awards, and blessings already waiting for you when you take that first step.

As an author what has been the standout moment of your career?

The moment my books were published. The hard and long work is over now.

What’s most important to us is that we showcase and connect with those around the world who are finding ways to live and invest in their dreams. How do you stay motivated and focused on your dreams amid daily life obligations? Mine is having the path and purpose of self-mastery and then the path of perfection. I don’t have dreams. I have a purpose to master and the will and the why to write horror and become a master of horror like others before me. I have a focus and discipline to do just that and I must be patient to do that and be that.

We spoke about your passion to inspire other future black horror authors. How do you think writing horror could benefit a new author?

My purpose is to get young and old black people to see black horror on the same or higher level of black rappers. We do and say somewhat the same things. We tell stories and share ideas about our experiences and share our imagination except one is about horror. Compared to black rappers in America we need way more black horror authors to tell more stories.

What sense of power or responsibility do you feel as an author?

If or to be allowed to be seen as a teacher or an example of and for black horror authors or any authors is power and responsibility. It would be a great honor to accept that for future young and older authors.

B.O.S.S Code stands for “ Business Over Social Stress.” We believe that a steady focus on goals and fewer distractions will allow more people to continue to make their dreams a reality. How can you relate with this as an author, or just as a motivated individual in life?

I would tell future authors to not have dreams and that distractions don’t exist. Instead have your plan, your purpose, and have the will to make it happen. Have focus with discipline to see your future reward or blessing and have that as your accomplishment. Fear doesn’t exist. You are the only one who can stop you!. Even the world or this planet can not stop you when you do it right and you respect your plan and your purpose. This is guaranteed success.

Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?

I want to thank B.O.S.S. Code Magazine and the family and fans for allowing this interview. I pray to have your support on my horror author career. As I work on more horror stories I plan to start a writing coach and consulting business specializing in horror. I hope you all support that as well and again thank you all so much for this blessing


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