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Stress is a big topic at B.O.S.S CODE. The foundation of this company was built on the belief that we should dump stress in all forms at the door. I know what you are saying to yourself some stress is hard to avoid and shut off, But we must do everything we can every single day to leave it in the past and realize that whatever will happen in your life will happen no matter if you stress or not. The goal is to always use every day to perform as best as you can in all aspects of life. As long as you are doing what you can, there is nothing to stress about. Think about the good and the bad that has happened in your life; Has stressing about these issues ever created the negative or positive outcome? I’m willing to bet that if anything, it has aided in the negativity in your life because a negative mind creates a negative world around you. The key is to stay positive and realize that you can’t control everything in this world. We can only control what we produce on a daily and even then things may still happen that we don’t enjoy.

We must understand that stress is a cancer, a toxin and a reflex that was not meant for us to live within. Stress is a reflex of fear and fear keeps us in a state of survival mode which in return robs us of our freedoms. Stress can be mentally, spiritually , and physically crippling disabling our ability to perform at any successful level. Take a look at the list of negative results that stress can produce'

Stress changes gene expression

Stress causes brain damage

Stress shuts down the immune system and increases inflammation

Chronic stress damages the energy powerhouses of your bodyyour mitochondria, Stress reduces your ability to metabolize and detoxify

Stress causes irritability

Stress causes anxiety

Stress causes depression

Stress causes headaches

Stress causes insomnia.


We now live in a society where stress is something that most people live with every moment of everyday. It spreads like a cancer consuming everything that is positive about you while reducing you to a ball of worry and a field of doubt. We must do everything we can to separate ourselves from such a life and feeling. We have to trust the future and trust that the universe will not deliver anything that we can’t handle. Smile at adversity and laugh your way through hard times because when you look at the alternative life of stress, you are better off letting life happen while working towards the best.



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This is so true


Stress is literally a cancer

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