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BOSS CODE MEDIA:Decision Makers,Ciena's Weight Loss Journey

Making life changes requires us to dig deep, search for solutions and apply those solutions to our daily life. At B.O.S.S. CODE MEDIA GROUP we aim to remind the world that GREATNESS IS A DECISION. To make these daily decisions to be better you must first see the problems in your current state. Acknowledgment is POWERFUL and it will catapult you into change if you make the decision that you want more. Once you make the decision you envision a better you, a better future and you ignite a power that we all have buried deep within. Once you ignite this power you become a DECISION MAKER and your daily life becomes one of discipline, accountability, and structure. Meet Decision Maker Ciena Westrich and read as she tells us about her weight loss journey.

My weight loss journey started with gastric bypass surgery but it’s hard work. It’s not the “easy “ way out. I was 338 pounds and had a fatty liver and was close to liver failure, I was on 3 blood pressure medications. I wanted my life back, I wanted to be around for my kids & my confidence back. I will say a harmful relationship contributed to my eating habit tremendously. I ate my feelings. It felt better to eat and get that chemical reaction in my brain that I needed. I have had to learn to find other ways to find fill that. Obviously, I did leave that relationship and that was a good choice. I have lost 148 pounds. You have to get in this mentality to keep going to make hard choices, you have to or it won’t work. You can easily gain all the weight back or be a failure. The surgery is a tool, not a miracle.


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