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BOSS CODE MEDIA: The Warrior Code

What was the motivation behind "The Warriors Code"?

The motivation behind cultivating and writing TWC was to inspire those who are too scared to be vulnerable and endure humility on their own. Giving them the ladder of information to pull themselves out of their own darkness. My motivation is and always will be to serve others and express my gratitude for this life to even do so. A lot of my perspective was shaped by a life of observation and active empathy. We never know who is watching us, so let's give them the content of life worthy of being inspired by.

Before this did you ever think that you would be an author?

Honestly, yes. In this form of book writing? I wasn't too sure that was the exact road of artistry I was going to chase, but it definitely always flourished in my mind. Most of my earlier writing arts was done in form of poetry, lyrics, short stories, and motivational. I did have one book idea prior to this I had opened the idea way back in 2014ish. I think I had to fail that one in order to have a building block for this one.

What is the message that you want readers to get from your book?

The message is to give yourself the empathy your anxiety tells you that know one else is giving back to you. Let this information about growth and good people fulfill your soul and surroundings. We must know that everyone has demons and dragons, some better or worse than others, but we all must learn to Harness our dragons. Learn to chain it and overcome its fury. Channel that energy into a positive stone casted over our own lives. It's going to be hard and it's going to eat you from the inside every single day, but we don't have to let it control us. We own it. It can only do what we allow internally. Take this information and get constructive with solutions in sight instead of the problems. It takes hard work to get on our highest level in life, but it doesn't come on a silver platter for a lot of us. Grind for Gratitude. Sincerity with Servitude. Your soul needs you to warrior up.

Why do you think it's important to give people guidance this day and age?

Well, this could be an extremely long topic. In a society that is extremely misguided and tattered around with hysteria and, massive information flowing from every angle faster than we can conceive; it's extremely important to indulge in a personal discipline. If not, we get sucked in the elements and go with the flow that was never meant for us. There's almost been a polarity shift nowadays. The truth has turned into the evil denying it. The evil has turned into the truth accepting it. What does that mean? Too much information too fast will consume the masses before the masses know they're consumed. It's very scary. Knowing that you can provide genuine wisdom to the world even the smallest form provides balance of strength, hope, and love. We usually take more scars and spiritual battles combatting this matrix-like bubble, but in the end it'll prove to be the most wholesome reality we tried to enlighten. The truth will piss us off before it sets us free. The greatest thing about telling the truth is we do not have to remember what we said. Continue to be your truth and let nature take its course that God set forth.

If you ask the average person if they are aware that we have problems in our society, they will say yes, but they aren't compelled to make a change. What makes you willing to use your life to help others?

In all things, we must make sacrifices. There's no way around that. With that said, if that spiritual sword has to impale me over and over again to benefit someone's growth as a learning example - bleed me dry and free me with the winds. Change is not easy, and sometimes we have to stick our hands and feet into other shoes in order to help show them their own way. Show them progression. Show them empathy. Listen to them. Be an ear more than just a voice. Everything is an energy force and if they're always conditioned to a negative ion they will always exhibit the same. You can be that positive ion. You can inject them with energy that they never knew they could absorb. You can be the key to a lock they never knew could be unlocked internally. This is often very tough because you're breaking down barriers long before you're building up the value of self-esteem and an optimistic reality.

Who are your book and the overall message geared towards?

The book is applicable to everyone as an audience. I believe there are nuggets within the walls that could spark a light inside of anybody at any given moment. Now ideally the target demographic would be a younger adult or late teen who is still constructing their purpose and awakening their passions in life. I believe that time frame is extremely critical to provide a catalyst of positive vision before it becomes concrete in the wrong direction. I want this to be the step before the step of taking action to a better you. To the kid too scared to leave his room. The adult who doesn't feel welcomed in a church or club meeting. The person who is fearful of anything vulnerable and humiliating. I want it to reach the depths of the soul that cannot activate alone but can use this guide as a ladder of information to do so.


How was your first book writing process?

It was beautiful, and it flowed better than I expected. Always challenges involved, but at the end of the day it never outweighed the goal and vision of having something at hand that could empower someone at any given moment. That is what gives me chills in the spine. It taught me discipline I didn't know I had in me. From the artwork, all of the writing, organic marketing, conversations, feedback, and everything involved really pushed me to be invigorated by the energy I had before the branding change from God's Warrior's Unite.

Where can we purchase your book?

The book is available on amazon! You can search "The warrior code" by Eric Fliger, or you can go directly to my website I also always have copies on me so if you'd like it signed or a personal message inside. In that case, reach out to me on any social media platform, website, or email.

What's next for A Warriors Way?

At the moment, I will ride this organic wave with the book. I do not want to rush it because I want natural and honest feedback. There are a few things in the oven cooking, and in planning at the moment in addition to the book and social platforms. Follow us, interact, and be a part of a good vision. This doesn't happen without the people. Let's be productive with our purpose. Thank God every day. Warrior up. Empower, Inspire, and Unite.

Instagram @awarriorsway


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