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Battle Against Overthinking: The Art of Not Caring

Battle Against Overthinking: The Art of Not Caring

If overthinking can pass for talent or skill, then a lot of people are overqualified for it. Overthinkers wish for every thought that replays in their heads to be converted to cash. If this is the case, they would all be wealthy! Healthwise, they can never earn something out of overthinking. It is a bad habit that disrupts them from their normal day-to-day routine, and it is just a waste of time.

If you are one of those overthinkers, take note that one of the great ways to stop overthinking relies on the art of not caring. Meaning to say, you should put an end to making a big deal out of little things or making a problem out of simple things. Don't waste your time and energy thinking about thoughts that will only stress you out. With this, here are three ways on how you can master the art of not caring:

1. Stay Focused on the Present

Overthinking happens because you think in advance. "What ifs" keep on flooding your brain to the point that it becomes stressed. If you focus on the present, you dedicate yourself to what is actually happening "at the moment". Replaying scenarios from the past or thinking in advance about the future would only hinder you from truly living in the present.

2. Declutter your thoughts by Writing

If your brain is flooded with negative thoughts, drain it away with journaling! Write down the thoughts that keep on bothering you and find a solution to them if you think you can control the scenario. If you think it is beyond your control, distract yourself by writing down positive affirmations or things that you are grateful for.

3. Find a Distraction

Do you have a project in mind which can help other people? What hobbies do you have which you enjoy doing? Engage in those activities, and the next thing you know, you will forget about overthinking. For example, you constantly blame yourself for not being good enough since you received a failing mark in the final exam of a certain subject. Instead of wasting your time worrying about it, you may opt to reward yourself for "trying", by watching your favorite tv show at the end of the semester.

Battling against overthinking is not as simple as 1,2,3... You don't have to push yourself way too hard. But instead, you should start little by little and work your way up. Keep in mind that each person has their own unique progress in terms of mastering the art of not caring.



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I struggled with this the most when I was in college


I found it best to meditate when I am overwhelmed with thoughts


Ive I had a dollar for everytime I did this

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