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Can you imagine a world where culture is grounded upon Motivation, innovation, positive networking and a sense of responsibility to be great? By great I simply mean the best version of your vision. Your vision could be independent creative arts, business or simply raising a successful family while working the job that you love. Now close your eyes and imagine this vision deeply for a moment. What would you be? And what would bring you true satisfaction on this earth? Imagine that you could bleed motivation and success to the point where your presence in a room changes lives.

B.o.s.s Code stands for Business Over Social stress and it is our desire that our readers truly understand what we mean by that.  We have to first have a goal, no matter what this goal is it’s important that it’s our own personal goal that gives us joy when we think of it. The thought of this goal can bring excitement, joy and even peace. Unfortunately as humans we have a desire in the social world to be loved, liked and understood. As humans when we are untrained we will do whatever we must to fuel these desires. We search for love from our sexual preference and let the pursuit for a lover consume our being. Some lash out on social networks to vent about other people places or things because they have become disturbed. These are just some examples of social stress and how they can eat at our time and energy. The goal is to rid ourselves of these negative and consuming energies so that we can see clear and have tunnel vision on our vision.

Now imagine how these negative energies slowly eat at your positive dream to the point where all you know is drama and failure.  We have to see the world for what it is and learn not to take its ways so personal. Once you do this then your vision will become clearer and you will see these adversities as opportunities to prove that you are great because you are!

Our motto is “Greatness is a decision” because it is truly the root of success. Our goal is to grow with all of our decision makers. Not just by publishing the stories but challenging our readers and spotlight individuals to network with one another. It is important to us that we produce a community of people who not only believe in themselves but believe in their neighbor’s vision as well.

We believe that we can all be great. We live in a very negative world but we are prepared to pave the way and blaze the trail for positivity. We are here to challenge everyone to listen to the fire that is in their hearts and let it grow. To unlock the dormant potential which has been drowned by the world around them. It’s time to become the best version of ourselves; this is the B.o.s.s Code Vision

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